Whitehall Landing Harbourside Apartment, Whitby 
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Upcoming Events

Self Catering Accommodation in Whitby

Don't miss the following upcoming events in Whitby and the surrounding area :

The Whitby Regatta is the most popular annual event which is packed with things to do for all ages. Check out more detail on http://www.whitbyregatta.co.uk

Whitby Regatta : 21st August - 23rd August 2010


Leading on from the Whitby Regatta is the Whitby Folk Week, a very entertaining week all round. See for yourself at http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/

Whitby Folk Week : 21st August - 23rd August 2010


Why not join the growing number of Goths at the Whitby Goth Weekend in April and October, a very popular event. Find out more at http://www.wgw.topmum.co.uk

Goth weekends : 23rd April - 25th April 2010 and 29th October to 31st October 2010






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